Management Platform

The Brighton Management Platform is the backbone to your Brighton devices, providing integration with web and mobile management tools, cellular networks and live agent monitoring. Developed by leading cloud technology experts, The Management Platform is highly redundant and scalable to meet the needs for today and in the future.

With our platform, you can onboard new customers in as little as three clicks.  The intuitive dashboards give you exactly what you need to run your business and help your customers.

Device Management

Our device management dashboard allows you to view your inventory and search for any device. Our Assign Device wizard is a fast and easy way to create a customer account and tie it to a device.

Unassigning, deactivating, activating and reassigning devices can be done with a single click.

You can also request additional devices and accessories.

Customer Management

The Management Portal is everything a customer service agent needs. View event history and view and edit customer information, including address and emergency contact information.

Device Details

View detailed device information including battery levels, signal strength and location breadcrumbs plotted on a map.

Redundant and Scalable Architecture

To manage thousands of devices every day, our Management Platform relies on a combination of redundant data centers, state-of-the-art server architecture, 24/7 traffic monitoring, and security measures that far exceed industry standards.

Cellular Integration

Brighton is a proud partner with AT&T to provide nationwide, high-speed cellular coverage for your customers. The Management Platform seamlessly integrates with the network to activate, track and modify cellular connectivity.

Web and Mobile Tools

All device management and alarm event history can be accessed through a mobile-optimized web portal. End user web and mobile tools are also available.